Blogsperia On Ghost!

So, after a year and a half with WordPress, Blogsperia has finally moved to Ghost. I am extremely  happy with this migration and I think now I will be able to focus more on creating content.

I love WordPress and that\’s mainly because of the flexibility it offers. But it is the same reason why one tends to waste a lot of time – time that could have been used to create quality content. And creating quality and helpful content about blogging was the main reason why I started Blogsperia in the first place.

With the wide range of features that WordPress offers, one tends to experiment a lot – try out this plugin, change the theme, and so on and so forth. Come to think of it, many of these changes and experimentation were totally unnecessary for Blogsperia.

WordPress is extremely distracting in nature.

I am not denying the advantages of WordPress because of the flexibility and scope it offers. But it is its biggest disadvantage as well.

I started this blog with the sole purpose of writing about blogging. Of course, this particular niche demands one to try and experiment a lot and be in a perpetual state of learning so that one stays up-to-date with all the latest trends, practices, technologies, etc. – something I enjoy doing. But in that process, the very purpose of this blog\’s existence was being compromised. I ended up doing things that were not necessary. Not for Blogsperia. Not for most of the websites out there.

And after all these, the site remained slow.

In the last few months, I have tried and tested more than 45 blogging platforms, site generators, website builders, and the likes – both hosted and self-hosted solutions. I wasn\’t satisfied with most of them. None of them served the purpose of Blogsperia.

Except Ghost, which I have been using for another blog of mine!

The migration has improved Blogsperia\’s page speed remarkably.

And the distraction-free, minimalist interface of Ghost does exactly what it promises – empowers the blogger/writer to focus on creating content and publishing.

Anyway, I think my search for the perfect blogging platform has come to an end.

Long Live, Ghost!

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