How To Improve User Experience On Your Blog: Top 8 Effective Tips!

How To Improve User Experience On Your Blog: Many bloggers, despite being serious with blogging, fail to achieve what they seem to deserve. They write amazing content, are good at Search Engine Optimization, and do proper promotion of the content. And yet, something is amiss. They fail to retain their audience. Why does it happen?

Well, building a successful blog is not just about creating high quality content and great marketing strategies. Your blog’s success, at the end of the day, depends on how your audience feels while they are on your site, what do they experience.

Yes, user experience plays a very crucial role in making your blog successful. And there are various other factors other than your textual content upon which user experience depends.

In this article, I will talk about how to improve user experience on your blog. Read on to find out.

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How To Improve User Experience On Your Blog?

Let us first understand what is User Experience.

User Experience, basically, means the way visitors to your website behave when they are on your site. It refers to how your website makes your visitors feel – do they feel good or bad? This can be understood from various behaviors that your visitors exhibit while they are on your site.

Unfortunately, in the process of creating great content, many bloggers totally overlook these user behaviors and hence, do nothing to improve the user experience on their blog. They end up paying the price sooner or later.

Why Is Improving Your Blog’s User Experience Important?

A person lands on your blog for the first time through search engine. Now, if they have a great experience on your blog, chances are that they will:

  • move to other pages as well,
  • click and visit your website again when a link appears in the SERP at some other point of time,
  • become a regular visitor to your blog,
  • follow you on social media,
  • subscribe to your blog with their email ID.

So, you can see how the success of your blog or as website in general and the related business depends on User Experience and why you should work on to improve user experience on your blog.

How To Improve User Experience On Your Blog?

Let us now see how to improve user experience on your blog.

1. Improve The Design Of Your Blog

This should be taken care of right at the beginning when you decide to improve user experience on your blog. The reason why the design of your blog matters the most is because it is the first thing that a user notices about your blog. The look of your site, the design and layout, determines the personality of your blog. If your blog has a magnetic personality, users will definitely fall in love with it the moment they land on it.

2. Make Sure Your Blog Has User-Friendly Navigation

If users find it difficult to navigate from one part of your blog to another, they are going to get annoyed. In all possibility, they will never ever come back to your blog. What’s the point? They can’t explore your blog with ease. They need to put so much effort. Your blog’s navigation should be as simple as possible.

3. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

With increasing number of mobile-users, it is very important that your site adjusts itself automatically to the screen size of the device they are opened in. Otherwise, your users will have to zoom in and out to read and navigate through your blog which is not a good experience.

4. Improve Readability Of Your Content

This is another crucial factor that decides how good or bad user experience on your blog is going to be. The content on each and every page of your blog should be such that your visitors find it easy to read, process and understand the message or information you are trying to convey. Readability depends upon a lot of factors. You can improve readability of your blog by writing short sentences, short paragraphs, using images, infographics, GIFs, videos, etc. to break the monotony of textual content, etc. You can read this article on how to improve readability of your blog to get a better idea.

5. Improve Your Customer Service

While the term customer is more for business websites, the idea is same for blogs as well. Make sure you respond to their queries and feedback, be it in the comment section of your blog or on your social media post. This helps in building a rapport with your users/visitors/audience, which, in turn, improves the user experience.

6. Improve Your Blog’s Loading Speed

If your site takes 3 seconds or more time to load, 40 percent of your visitors will leave the site. So, make sure your page loading time is less than that. There are many steps that you can take for website speed optimization. You can read this article on how to increase your site’s speed.

7. Build Trust

This can be easily done in various ways. Providing correct information, including proofs to substantiate your claims, adding an SSL Certificate to your website, etc. can build trust. Even small things like having less number of ads and keeping CTAs to a minimum can help in gaining trust of your visitors. These things give an impression that your users really matter to you and your site is not just focused on making money.

8. Fix Broken Links

Broken links or dead links are links that do not work and visitors, when they click on them, land on a page that shows the 404 error. This is highly annoying because a) visitors do not get what they are expecting, b) in fact, they do not get anything, c) it implies you are not serious about your blog and do not care about fixing these errors. Make sure you you fix 404 errors. If there are too many broken links, at least, have a custom 404 error page that makes your visitors smile.

So, these are some of the basic things to keep in mind to improve user experience on your blog. Remember, if the user experience on your blog is not good, your visitors will hit the back button soon, thereby, increasing the bounce rate. This will impact your rankings and visibility as well, and eventually, your blog will fail.

I hope this article on how to improve user experience on your blog helps you If you have any question regarding how to improve user experience on your blog, ask them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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