Importance Of Images In Blog Posts: 8 Reasons To Add Images To Blogs

Importance Of Images In Blog Posts: Text forms most of the content of a typical blog post and rightly so, as they help in optimizing the post for Search Engines the most.

But that doesn’t mean images are not important. In fact, you can hardly see any website that doesn’t use images these days. And there are multiple reasons for that. In this article, I will talk about the importance of images in blog posts. Read on to find out.

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Importance Of Images In Blog Posts

Pictures speak in a language that is understood universally, said Walt Disney. It is for these reason, many IQ tests are based on images. And pictures say a thousand words, as the old saying goes. These two statements sum up the crucial role that pictures and images play in mass communication.

Blogs are no different. In addition to making the blog posts more interactive, they serve various other purposes. In the next section, we will look into why we should always use images in our blog posts.

1. Images Make Blog Posts More Interactive & Interesting

As said above, using images makes blogs more interactive and interesting. Without images, blog posts with blocks of texts look monotonous. What do you think? In this competitive digital world (which is catering to a audience with a decreasing attention span), when there are hundreds of other websites to provide with what users are looking for in a more innovative manner, why would they read your article when it doesn’t look appealing? That’s where images are important. Images break the monotony in textual content.

2. Images Help In Increasing Blog Length

Of course, using images doesn’t increase the word count. But they definitely increase the visible length of the blog post. I mean if you don’t have much content to write for a particular topic and if your blog post ends right after the beginning, you can use images and make it look like it’s longer.

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3. Images Help In Breaking Up Large Text Chunks

That’s another advantage. If your blog post is text-heavy, you can use images in between (maybe for subheadings or anywhere as the post demands). This helps in improving the readability of the post by increasing white spaces.

4. Images Simplify Complex Information

It is easier to process images and pictures better than textual content. Using images – flowcharts, infographics, block diagrams, etc. makes it easier for users to understand difficult topics. Even if you are writing something easy to understand, adding images, like graphs, pie charts, etc. will provide additional support to your point.

5.Images Drive Social Media Traffic

Be it Facebook or Twitter, social media is a lot about visual content. That’s what gets the attention of people on social media. If you share the link to your blog post on social media and no images show up, most of the people will ignore it. That’s where adding images to blog posts, featured image to be precise, is important. It is needed to increase social media clicking and sharing.

6. Images Drive Traffic From Image Search Engine

A properly optimized image will show up in the search results in Image Search Engines. This can drive additional traffic to your website.

7. Images Help In Overall SEO

Adding images to blog posts contribute to the overall Search Engine Optimization, directly or indirectly. However, one must follow the various rules of image optimization for SEO in order to get results.

8. Images Give A Professional Look To Blogs

Yes, the use of right images in the right place of a blog gives a certain professional quality. Also, it gives an impression that you are really trying to help the users. If you can follow a uniform style for your images, it will be great as it will help people remember your blog.

Scores of free tools are available online to design images for your blogs and with these tools, you don’t even need to have professional knowledge of designing. Nevertheless, if you think you can’t do it, you can always download royalty free images. There are many websites which provide them.

I hope this article explains the importance of images in blog posts. If you have any query, comment below and I will get back to you.

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