Squarespace Review: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Squarespace

Squarespace Review: For the past few months, I have been thinking of creating a site with Squarespace. I was kind of mesmerized with their designs – they are so beautiful. So, before going for it, I wanted to do a proper research on the pros and cons of Squarespace.

Thankfully, one of my friends has his website hosted on Squarespace and he was kind enough to allow me to explore it. He was confident that I would love it. This review of Squarespace is based on my experiences with working on his site.

To be honest, I just spent 8-10 hours exploring it. Undoubtedly, this is not enough to write a review. I might have missed out certain aspects of it. But I couldn’t resist myself from doing this audacious act – writing a Sqaurespace Review. So, forgive me for that.

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Squarespace Review: Pros And Cons Of Squarespace

Like I said above, I used the platform for just 8-10 hours. This is not at all sufficient for an in-depth exploration and analysis of each and every feature of the platform. Also, since it belongs to someone else, I couldn’t do much experimentationwithout which any review would be incomplete. Nonetheless, I will go ahead and write it; after all, first impression matters too.

Pros Of Squarespace: Squarespace Advantages

Let us first look into the advantages of Squarespace:

1. Awesome Templates: Compared to other popular platforms, Squarespace has a limited number of templates. But all of these are of the highest quality. They have been developed with extreme love and care, I would say.

Clean and modern-looking, anybody would fall in love with a site on Squarespace the moment they land on it. At least, that’s what I felt. There are templates for various kinds of websites – blogs, e-commerce sites, portfolios, etc. And you can change templates whenever you want.

2. WYSIWYG Editor: Squarespace offers WYSIWYG editor, that is, the published page will look exactly same as it looks on the editor. You can customize the templates without having the minimum technical knowledge; you can use their drag and drop feature to build your own layouts. And if you know CSS, you can customize the design and layout even further.

3. Great Customer Support: To see how good their customer support is I messaged them over their live chat service with some random query. They responded instantly. Sorry, Squarespace 😛

Seems like when they are not available over chat service, you can send them email and they get back within an hour.

4. Mobile-Friendly Site: No matter what changes you make in the design and layout of the site, it will automatically adjust with the screen size of the user’s device. All Squarespace sites are responsive, which is very important these days.

5. Easy For Search Engine Optimization: Compared to most of the other platforms, Squarespace has more to offer when it comes to optimization of the site and it’s content for search engines. Not just the basics like tags and meta description, it also creates an XML sitemap for your site and lets you submit it using Google Search Console. You can integrate Google Analytics as well. Also, there is Squarespace’s own analytics tool, Squarespace Analytics.

6. No Need To Worry About Technical Aspects: Squarespace looks after all the technical aspects of your site. From hosting to security and software updates, everything is taken care of by Squarespace. You don’t have to worry about your site getting hacked or any other technical aspects. You can just focus on building your site.

Cons Of Squarespace: Squarespace Disadvantages

There are a few disadvantages of Squarespace which are as under:

1. Limited Functionalities: Unlike WordPress.org self-hosted site, you cannot install plugins in Squarespace. There are some basic in-built functionalities but not much options to add external functionalities to enhance its capabilities.

2. A Little Difficult Editor: Customization of your Squarespace site is not as easy as, let’s say Wix. You have to spend some time to get used to how it works.

However, once you get a hang of it, you will be extremely happy with the level of control you have over the design of your site.

3. No Free Plan: Unlike most of the other platforms, there is no free plan on Squarespace. There is a 14-day trial period after which you will have to upgrade to a paid plan.

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4. Expensive Plans: I feel Squarespace is a bit more expensive. However, if you have the budget and if it is not for some serious business, I would say go for it. It’s worth it. If the site expands with passing time and you feel Squarespace is not providing you with what you need (yes, you might feel that way, especially because of the limited scope of adding external functionalities), you can always export your site to WordPress.

Squarespace Review: Final Verdict On Squarespace

I feel if you can afford it, you can go for it. It is especially good for storytellers, photographers, and artists. It is also a good option for small businesses. However, I won’t recommend it for large e-commerce sites.

Guess I am going to build a site with Squarespace, my portfolio, to be precise. I will definitely give a more detailed review of Squarespace then.

I hope you like this article on Squarespace Review. To clear your doubt regarding Squarespace Review, drop a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

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