Anonymous Blogging Platforms For Privacy Concerned People

Anonymous Blogging Platforms: In these times of surveillance and intolerance, who doesn’t like their privacy? Wouldn’t it be great if we could speak up our mind without the fear of getting threats or even worse things than that?

Or what if one just wants to write, get their writings to the mass, and yet does not want to disclose their identity?

Is it even possible to write and publish on the Internet anonymously?

Well, one can definitely create a blog with a pseudo name on any platform and with WhoisGuard, protect their privacy. But that doesn’t really protect your information.

Maybe common people won’t be able to find you, but it is not entirely impossible. For example, the hosting services will have your credit card information. And most of the popular blogging platforms that provide free service provide it for free for a reason.

So, are there any truly anonymous blogging platforms?

Top 5 Anonymous Blogging Platforms

There are many anonymous blogging platforms which strongly support this right to privacy. So, here is a list of top anonymous blogging platforms: is a text-based anonymous blogging platform. Of course, you don’t get to create a blog in the truest sense of the word, but you can publish your writings online. You don’t even have to share your email ID or anything to start publishing on the platform. All you have to do is enter name for your page and set a password for it (so that you can edit it later). Needless to say it is absolutely free. too doesn’t require one to sign up. All you have to do is enter a title, author name (optional), and the content. The advantage that has over is that it supports video embeds as well as images. It also supports basic formatting like H1, H2, Bold, Italicize, Blockquotes, and hyperlinking. With, it is even possible to list your past posts. However, you need to have a Telegram account for that. I haven’t tested it though.

Here is another anonymous blogging platforms. Here, you have to enter your content in markdown, if you want to format your content I mean. It also supports the option to preview your post. With, you can customize the URL and set a code so that you can edit the post later.


I came across it quite recently. Notepin offers anonymous blogging like the other three. If you want to have a unique address where all your posts will be available, that too is possible without signing up. Lastly, you can even have a custom domain with it and create a proper blog with Google Analytics integration, option to choose from a limited number of themes. These last features, however, come with its premium plan. The premium plans also come with some other features. is similar to Notepin as in it also has paid plan which supports custom domains and various other features. No themes are available though. Of course, it has a free plan as well which too supports anonymous blogging. At the same time, just like Notepin, it allows you to create a blog, as in with a unique address without having to sign up using your email. You can choose to post on your blog or even post anonymously which means it won’t show up when people land up on your blog. too works on Markdown.

What makes this anonymous blogging platform different is that your blog posts will never show up in search engines unless you want it to. Only those who have the URL of your posts will be able to view your page.

So, these are the most popular anonymous blogging platforms. There are a few others as well, which I will include here once I have used them properly.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your first anonymous blog and pour your heart out.

I hope this article on anonymous blogging platforms helps you. If you have any question pertaining to anonymous blogging platforms, feel free to drop them below and I will get back to you at the earliest.

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