Google\’s Knowledge Panel: Everything You Need To Know!

Google’s Knowledge Panel: Search engines, especially Google, has come a long way. Over the years, the way Google delivers information has seen remarkable improvement. Among the many SERP features added over the years to improve user experience, one of my most favourites is the Knowledge Panel.

In this article, I will talk about what is Google’s Knowledge Panel and why is it important for business. Read on to find out.

What Is Google’s Knowledge Panel?

Have you seen the box that appears on the right side of the screen when you search for, let’s say a popular business on Google? This box contains all the necessary information about the business organization that you might be interested in, like the year it was founded in, the name of the founders, current CEO of the organization, location of its headquarters, etc. Information like the official websites and links to their social media accounts are also provided. Check out the image below:

Google’s Knowledge Panel

This content inside the red box on the right side of the image provides all the important information about the popular SaaS company, Moz.

This particular panel is called Google Knowledge Panel.

Is Knowledge Panel Just For Businesses? Why Is Knowledge Panel Important For Businesses?

Knowledge Panel can show up in Google’s SERP not only for business organizations but also for other searches, like a person, movie, etc. Basically, Google’s Knowledge Panel provides an overview of the search terms. But it doesn’t show up for all searches.

For businesses, it is especially important. This is because if your business shows up in the Knowledge Panel, it means you will stand out of the crowd in the Search Engine Result Page. This means more visibility. The very first thing that people will notice is your business. Also, it means you have more authority.

Whether or not any particular business, person, movie, etc. will appear in the Knowledge Panel is determined by Google. It considers multiple factors, like distance, relevance, the authority, etc. before determining if the search will appear in the Knowledge Panel.

How To Get Your Business Show Up In The Knowledge Panel?

Like I mentioned above, whether or not a particular search will show up in the Knowledge Panel is determined by Google. For local businesses, it is comparatively easier to get the business show up in the Knowledge Panel.

The first thing you have to do is create a Google My Business account and verify it. Then you have to provide all the necessary information, like address, business hours, photos, etc.

Google, if it finds your business relevant, will show it in the local panel.

However, for a branded/personal panel, the brand/person must be highly authoritative and trusted. Having Wikipedia pages too can help. But like local panels, there’s no way you can apply for it. It depends entirely on Google.

So, this more or less covers what Google’s Knowledge Panel is. I hope I have been able to explain it properly.

If you have any question pertaining to Google’s Knowledge Panel, feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will respond at the earliest.

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