47 Blogging Platforms For Bloggers Of All Levels

Blogging Platforms: The list here contains both free and paid blogging platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS). Static site generators are also included.

List Of blogging platforms/CMS

So, here is the blogging platforms list:

1. WordPress.org

The most popular Content Mangement System (CMS) – powers around 30% of the Internet. Open source, based on PHP and MySQL. Supports tonnes of themes, plugins, etc.

2. WordPress.com

A blogging platform powered by WordPress CMS. Has a free plan with limited features. Has a built-in audience.

3. Ghost

An open-source Content Mangement System, mainly for publishing, written in JavaScript.

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4. Medium

An online publishing platform with a built-in audience. Developed by Evan Williams. Doesn’t support custom domain.

5. Tumblr

A micro-blogging platform (with a built-in audience) that has features of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Supports custom domain.

6. Svbtle

A Markdown-based minimalist blogging platform that comes with a promise that your content will remain online forever.

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7. Write.as

A minimalist blogging platform that has strong privacy principles. Has a free plan with limited features.

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8. Blogger

A free, hosted, blogging platform owned by Google. Supports custom domain for free.

9. Proseful

A simple and stylish, minimal blogging platform.

10. Notepin

A note-taking web app that can be used to create a blog. Minimalist, support custom domain, night mode, etc. Has a free plan with limited features.

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11. Squarespace

A hosted blogging/site-building platform to create extremely beautiful, professional sites.

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12. Wix

Cloud-based, hosted, drag and drop site builder with professional-looking templates. Supports custom domain. Has a free plan with limited features.

13. Weebly

A hosted, website-builder to create professional-looking blog, online store, or a website.

14. Strikingly

A hosted website-builder to create professional-looking sites/blogs without any knowledge of design and code.

15. Jekyll

A blog-aware static site generator. Can be hosted for free with GitHub Pages. Supports custom domain.

16. Hexo

An extremely fast static site generator powered by Node.js. Can be hosted for free on Netlify.

17. Hugo

An open-source static site generator. Extremely fast and can be hosted for free on Netlify.

18. Blot

Turn your Dropbox folder into a blog.

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19. HubPages

A publishing platform with a built-in audience.

20. Joomla

An award-winning, open-source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP. Fourth most popular CMS after WordPress and Drupal.

21. Drupal

An open-source Content Management System, written in PHP that powers around 2.3% of all websites.

22. Listed

A blogging platform that allows you to publish posts from Standard Notes.

23. Postach.io

Turn your Evernote into a blog. Free plan available.

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24. Typepad

One of the oldest blogging platforms. Customizable and support custom domains.

25. Teletype.in

A minimalist, free blogging platform that supports custom domain, channel subscription, Google Analytics integration, etc. Provides free SSL. Allows multiple authors.

26. Telegraph

An anonymous blogging platform from the makers of Telegram.

27. Pen.io

An anonymous publishing platform for easy and fast publishing content online.

28. Silvrback

A minimalist blogging platform to provide you with distraction-free writing experience.

29. Posthaven

A hosted blogging platform to keep your posts online, forever.

30. Bloggi.co

An extremely simple, Markdown-based, minimalist blogging platform. Supports custom domain. Has a free plan with limited features.

31. Ucoz

A fast and simple hosted website builder. Has a free plan with limited features.

32. LiveJournal

One of the oldest blogging platforms, have an in-built audience and has a free plan that provides basic features.

33. Pulse

A publishing platform created by LinkedIn.

34. Webflow

A hosted design tool and Content Management System (CMS) for designers and developers.

35. Micro Blog

A blogging platform, geared towards microblogging, but can be used to publish full-length posts as well. Has an in-built audience, supports themes, custom domain, etc.

36. Devblog

A free blogging platform for developers. Supports custom domain.

37. Gatsby

An extremely powerful static site generator based on React and powered by GraphQL. Can be hosted for free on Netlify.

38. Pelican

A static site generator written in Python.

39. Metalsmith

A pluggable static site generator.

40. Publii

An extremely simple, open-source, static Content Mangement System. Can be deployed for free on Netlify.

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41. Octopress

A static site generator built on top of Jekyll.

42. Jimdo

A website builder and hosting solution for those with no knowledge of web design.

43. Quora

A Q&A site with a built-in audience, can be used to create blogs as well. Doesn’t support custom domain.

44. Caramel.la

Drag and drop widget-based, stylish blogging platform and website maker.

45. Grav

An open-source flat-file Content Management System (CMS) to create extremely fast websites.

46. Processwire

An open-source Content Management System written in PHP.

47. Known

An open-source framework to create blog/community sites adheres to Indieweb technologies.

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