Top 5 Distraction-Free Blogging Platforms For Writers

Top Distraction-Free Blogging Platforms: Blogging platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS) that come with a wide variety of options, features, and settings make the process of creating content extremely difficult. With all these features and settings, it becomes difficult to focus. These platforms, I believe, are not good options especially for those who started blogging to showcase their writing skills in particular. They don’t need all these complicated features which are distracting.

However, I won’t deny that these features, doesn’t matter how complicated they are, do serve a purpose. But not everybody needs them.

Writers (and their readers) need a platform that is not cluttered so that they can write and read the content without getting distracted.

Many writers and bloggers are searching for blogging environments that are absolutely distraction free – simple and minimalist in nature. Keeping this in mind, I am providing you with information regarding the top blogging platforms for distraction-free writing. Read on to find out.

Top 5 Distraction-Free Blogging Platforms For Writers

The term ‘Minimal’ means something that is stripped down to its bare bones. Minimalism has become extremely popular in the field of design and websites and blogs are also impacted by it.

Minimalist blogging platforms make the process of writing more fruitful as there isn’t any unnecessary settings or features to distract you.

The top minimalist blogging platforms for distraction-free writing are as under:


Medium is probably the most popular minimalist blogging platform. It sees more than 200 million visitors every month.

Medium doesn’t have any paid plan for writers. Anyone can create an account and start publishing articles on Medium. You don’t have to worry about hosting or promotion of content. Medium will do that for you. You just have to focus on writing and the clean, minimal, WYSIWYG interface of the platform makes it absolutely distraction-free.

You can also create multi-authored publications on the platform. From professional to amateur writers, the platform is for everyone and hence, it is a great platform to get noticed and build your authority.


The Ghost software is available for free and can be used in your self-hosted blog. Ans if you want to host your blog with Ghost, you have to pay. This is my most favorite distraction free blogging platforms for multiple reasons. Ghost was developed primarily for blogging and all its themes are wonderful. There are in-built SEO and other features. You can also add various third-party integrations to make things easier. With little knowledge of coding, you can even modify the design of your ghost blog.


Quora is not a typical blogging platform. It is basically a question-answer forum wherein you can create an account, ask questions and answer to questions asked by others. However, it also has a feature to write blogs. The platform is not at all cluttered and what makes it one of the best platforms to write is that people who come on Quora are genuinely looking for answers (information, facts, opinion, stories, etc). They do not stumble upon you just by chance.


Svbtle is almost the same as Medium. Lookwise, it is even more minimal and simple. Svbtle is a paid platform. But that’s because they promise your content on Svbtle will always remain online (unlike other platforms where the content disappears once the platform becomes dysfunctional).

What makes this platform unique is that it is connected with Evernote and you can publish your articles directly from the note-taking app. You can write the articles, format them, add images, etc. on Evernote and publish them directly on your blog. Both Evernote and has free plans and the interface is absolutely distraction free.

I personally like these five platforms when it comes to writing as well as reading. And they are easy to manage compared to a self-hosted WordPress blog. All these distraction-free blogging platforms look highly professional as well.

I hope this detailed article on distraction free blogging platforms helps you. If you have any query, drop a comment below and I will respond at the earliest.

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