195 Free Tools & Resources For Bloggers, Digital Marketers & Designers

Free Stock Images

  • Unsplash: Beautiful, free HD images and photographs for commercial and non-commercial use.
  • Stock Snap: High quality stock images without any copyright restriction to use for your projects.
  • Pexels: Free photos to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • Pikwizard: Free stock photos of high quality for your next project. No attribution required to use the photos.
  • Gratisography: Collection of free, quirky and creative images of high quality.
  • Pixabay: High quality stock images for your projects.
  • Picjumbo: Free, high resolution photos for personal and commercial use.
  • Stock Up: 34,000+ photos/images curated and indexed from 31 different free stock photo websites.
  • Evergreen Photos: Free nature photos.
  • Iconscout: Around 10,000 royalty free images for commercial and personal use.

Free Image Editors/Graphic Design Tools

  • Pixlr: Online photo/image editor that gives complete control to you.
  • Pablo: Search for images, choose your font, add text, format, resize, add effects and share stunning visuals.
  • Canva: A drag-and-drop graphic design tool that offers access to photographs, vector images, graphics, and fonts.
  • Doka Photo: Edit your images in the browser without uploading anything.
  • Status DV: Create colorful personalized word-clouds.

Free Image Optimizer

  • Image Optimizer: Resize, compress, and optimize your images for free.
  • Optimizilla: Upload multiple image files (JPEG and PNG) and compress them.
  • JPEG Image Optimizer: Offers three different methods of JPEG/JPG image optimization – lossless, by size, and by quality factor.
  • Kraken: Upload/import images and optimize the; offers lossy, lossless, and expert image optimization along with resizing option.
  • SmushIt: WordPress plugin to resize, compress and optimize your images on your WordPress powered site.
  • CompressJPEG: Upload multiple JPEG image files and compress them as per your needs.

Free Blogging Platforms

  • Medium: An online publishing platform to share your stories and ideals with an in-built audience.
  • WordPress.com: A free, hosted solution to create your website or blog.
  • Wix: A website builder to create stunning websites with no knowledge of codes.
  • Strikingly: A website builder to create and host stylish, mobile-friendly, professional-looking websites.
  • Hugo+Netlify: An extremely fast, open-source static site generator. Can be hosted for free on Netlify.
  • Hexo+Netlify: A simple, fast static site generator powered by Node.js.
  • Jekyll+GitHub Pages: Blog aware static site generator written in Ruby.
  • Weebly: A website builder to create a professional site, blog, or online store.
  • Blogger: A blog-publishing service owned and hosted by Google.
  • Tumblr: A micro-blogging and social networking site with built-in audience; allows custom domain.
  • Write.as: A minimalist blogging platform with strong privacy principles.
  • Bloggi: A simple, distraction-free blogging platform.
  • Postach.io (Check Review): Blog from your Evernote notebook.
  • Proseful: A simple blogging platform to help you focus on writing.
  • Notepin: A simple, minimalist, note-taking site with blogging features.
  • Devblog: A blogging platform for developers, but others can use it too.
  • Collected Notes: A markdown powered, simple notetaking-blogging platform.

Find Out How To Start A Blog (No Affiliate Links)

Free Web Hosting Solutions

  • Render: Connect with your Github/Gitlab account and host your static website/blog for free.
  • Netlify: Free static website hosting solution with continuous deployment, 1-click HTTPS, CDN, and more.
  • GitHub Pages: Host your website/blog for free directly from your GitHub repository.
  • 000webhost: Free website hosting with PHP, MySQL, and cPanel.
  • Unubo.app: Launch your website/blog (for example, a Ghost blog) with just a few clicks (literally). Comes with 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU, and 500 MB of app storage.
  • Infinity Free: Free, unlimited web hosting for your blog/website.
  • Surge: Publish your static site right from the CLI.

Free Note-Taking Tools

  • Evernote: A note-taking app for your smartphone, tablet, and computer that syncs across all your devices.
  • Journey: A note-taking and journaling app available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC & online.
  • Simplenote: A note-taking app from the makers of WordPress that offers Markdown support and is available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC & online.
  • Notion: An all-in-one collaborative solution for note-taking, project management and task management, supports Markdown.
  • Microsoft OneNote: Digital note-taking app from Microsoft that allows users to gather notes, screen clippings, drawings, etc.
  • Dropbox Paper: A collaborative document editing tool from the makers of Dropbox.
  • Notepin (Check Review): A web-based note-taking app that has the features of a blog.
  • Dynalist: An app/outliner for note-taking, word processing, bullet journalling, etc.
  • Workflowy: A simple outliner to help you organize your work/projects.
  • Google Docs: Web-based word processor offered by Google.
  • Schema: A note-taking tool to organize your knowledge in a clean structure.
  • Roam: An easy-to-use note-taking app as powerful as a graph database.

Free Writing Tools/Editors

  • Hemingway App: A free web-based app to simplify your sentences and highlight common errors.
  • Grammarly: A free writing app to make your writings grammatically correct.
  • ZenPen: A distraction-free writing tool.
  • Calmly Writer: Web-based distraction-free writing tool. Also available for ChromeOS.
  • Typora: A powerful, minimal Markdown editor and reader for Windows and Linux.
  • Zen by Unit: A web-based, full-screen, distraction-less writing app that supports Markdown.
  • WYSIWYG Markdown Editor: What You See Is What You Get Markdown editor that has offline support.
  • WebFX Readable: Get the readability score and text statistics of any web page.
  • Stackedit: Rich Markdown editor for browser.
  • Readable: Check readability, spelling and grammar of your text and know where to improve.
  • a5.gg: Distraction free writing app (web-based) that saves your text.
  • Devpen: GitHub style markdown editor.

Content Ideas

  • Google Trends: Find popular/trending search queries in Google across regions and languages.
  • HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator: Enter a word and get blog ideas to write on.
  • Portent Content Idea Generator: Enter your subject and get ideas to write content.
  • Impact Blog Title Generator: Enter a keyword (something you want to blog about, like productivity, content marketing, SEO, etc.) and get ideas.
  • BuzzSumo: Enter keyword or domain to get insights and ideas for great content.
  • Ubersuggest: Enter a domain or keyword and get suggestions, blog ideas, and insights to improve SEO.
  • Answer The Public: Enter a keyword to generate content ideas in the form of questions.
  • Title Generator: Enter keywords to generate 700 content ideas.
  • Soovle: Enter a keyword to know what people are looking for in various search engines.

Free Content Promotion Tools

Free Writing Resources

  • UK-US Spelling List: Comprehensive list of British and American spelling differences.
  • Thesaurus: Enter a word to know its synonyms, definitions, and usage examples.
  • Word Hippo: Find similar and opposite words, with examples, for your creative writing.
  • Power Thesaurus: A free, online thesaurus for writers.

Free Infographic Tools

  • Piktochart: Web-based app to design infographics, posters, presentation, etc. with no design or coding knowledge.
  • Canva: A drag-and-drop, web-based design tool that comes with templates as well as the option to upload your own design elements.
  • Venngage: Select a template, add charts, texts, and visuals, and edit your design to create visually stunning infographics.
  • Easelly: An easy-to-use tool to create visuals (infographics, posters, etc.) without any knowledge of design.
  • Visme: Create visually appealing and professional looking infographics and presentations.
  • Snappa: An online graphic design tool to create visuals for your blog, social media, etc.

Free Illustration Libraries

  • Ouch!: Beautiful, free vector illustrations for your next project.
  • Whoosh: Free, customizable illustration pack for any kind of projects.
  • Humaaans: A customizable, mix-and-match human illustration library.
  • Glaze: Professional looking free illustrations.
  • Abstrakt: Unique, abstract illustrations for your next project – app, website, blog.
  • isometric: Free isometric illustrations for website, landing pages, blogs, etc.
  • Iconspace Library: Free illustrations for designers, developers, and content creators.
  • Open Doodles: Free, customizable sketchy illustrations for your projects.
  • DrawKit: Hand-drawn vector illustrations of a wide range of categories.
  • Lukasz Adam: Download vector art illustrations for free.
  • Bottts: Mix and match different elements (antennas, colours, sensors, etc.) and create robot illustrations.
  • Mixkit: Extremely beautiful art and illustrations to use for free.
  • Iconscout: 300+ high quality, royalty free illustrations for personal and commercial use.
  • Manypixels: Royalty free illustrations for your blog, landing pages, email, social media posts.
  • Outlane: Colourful design resources and illustrations for personal and commercial use.
  • Smash Illustrations: 250+ objects and characters and 20+ unique scenes to create trendy illustrations/visuals for your project.
  • Illustrations: Open source illustration kit available for download in AI, PNG, SVG, and EPS.
  • Buttsss: Beautiful butt illustrations and GIFs.
  • Freellustrations: Download high quality, free background illustrations for your landing pages.
  • Fresh Folk: Mix-and-match, customizable illustration library of people and objects.
  • Delesign: Free graphics and illustrations for download (both SVG and PNG).
  • Open Peeps: A hand-drawn illustration library by Pablo Stanley.
  • Dribble:
  • Black Illustrations: Free illustrations of black people.

Free Icons

  • Icons8: Download design resources, including icons, for free.
  • Flat Icon: One of the largest collections of free icons of all types and styles.
  • The Noun Project: A vast collection of free icons.
  • Freepik: Great collection of free icons of all types.
  • Font Awesome: A simple font and icon toolkit.
  • Icon Finder: Collection of free icons of various styles (outline, flat, photorealistic, etc.)
  • Iconscout: More than 1 lakh free icons of all varieties for your personal and commercial use.
  • Material Design Icons: 750 free icons by Google.
  • Jollof Icons: Free 3D, Isometric, Abstract icons and emojis.

Free Logo Generator

Free Stock Videos

  • Pexels: Free, high quality stock videos for your next project.
  • Pixabay: Free video clips and footage of high quality.
  • Videvo: Free stock video footage and motion graphics.
  • Stock Footage 4 Free: Unlimited stock videos and footage for all kinds of projects.
  • Mixkit: High quality free stock videos to use anywhere you want.
  • Mazwai:

Free Video Editing Tools

  • Headliner: Create unlimited videos (1080p and 10 without any watermark) and share directly to social networks.
  • Soapbox: Just record and edit your video with this Chrome extension.
  • Adobe Spark: Create powerful videos without any design skills.
  • Clipchamp: Create unlimited 480p videos for personal use. Comes with compressor, converter and webcam recorder.
  • FlexClip: Create marketing and lifestyle videos in minutes.

Free Plagiarism Checker

  • SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker: A 100% free, multilingual plagiarism tool that compares your content with billions of web pages on the Internet.
  • Copyscape: An online plagiarism detection tool.
  • Quetext: Free plagiarism checker that provides analysis and feedback.
  • Dupli Checker: Another plagiarism checker.
  • Grammarly Plagiarism Checker: Plagiarism checker for your text that also provides feedback on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
  • Plagiarisma: Free online plagiarism checker that supports 190+ languages.
  • PapersOwl: Select the type of content (essays, website content, resume, etc.) and check for plagiarism.
  • Free Plagiarism Checker: Know if there is any duplicate content in your text with this free plagiarism checker.

Free Email Management

  • Mailchimp: Marketing automation and email marketing service.
  • Hello Bar: Convert your visitors to subscribers/customers by showing unobtrusive messages to them.
  • Contact Form 7: Create, integrate and deploy lead-generation forms for your WordPress site.
  • Bee Free: A tool to easily design mobile-responsive beautiful emails.
  • Mailgun: Send, receive and track your emails without any difficulty.
  • TinyLetter: A free newsletter service from the makers of Mailchimp.
  • Boomerang: Take control of when to send and receive emails.

Free Social Media Management Tools

  • TweetDeck: A free application to manage your Twitter accounts.
  • HootSuite: A social media management tool that supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • Socialoomph: One of the best social post scheduling app for individuals with a single social profile.
  • Friends+Me: streamline your social sharing across different platforms.
  • Zoho Social: A single tool to manage your brand on social media and get reports.
  • Followerwonk: Twitter analytics tool to optimize your social growth.
  • ST.HT: Free custom URL shortener
  • SharedCount: Check Facebook shares, likes, comments, reactions, Pins of URLs.

Free SEO Tools

  • Google Analytics: Free web analytics service by Google to track and analyze your web traffic and get meaningful insights.
  • Google Search Console: Webmaster tool by Google to check indexing status and control visibility of your blog/website.
  • LSI Graph: Free tool to generate LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords for SEO.
  • LSI Keywords: Generate LSI keywords to improve the On-Page SEO of your blog/website.
  • Google Keyword Planner: Free tool from Google to help you with keyword research and provides ad groups ideas.
  • Ahrefs: Free backlink checker for your website or blog.
  • SmallSEOTools
  • Alexa: A tool by Amazon for keyword research and analysis of competitors\’ websites.
  • SimilarWeb: Get information about your competitors\’ website traffic for free.
  • Google Pagespeed Insights: Analyze your website\’s performance and get suggestions to improve website speed.
  • Google Trends: Find out trending google searches across different regions and languages.
  • Google Optimize: Test your website and optimize accordingly to get more customers.
  • Nibbler: Check detailed insights into any website – accessibility, social media, SEo, etc.
  • Google Tag Manager: Free tool from Google to manage and deploy marketing code snippets/tracking code on your website/app.
  • Keyword Tool: Keyword research tool that provides keywords on the basis of language and region.
  • Browseo: Check how a web page looks like to search engines.
  • GTmetrix: Get performance report for your site and recommendations to improve.
  • Pingdom: Get detailed analysis of your website speed and know how to optimize your site.
  • Moz Link Explorer: Get detailed insights into backlinks to your site.
  • SERPs Keyword Rank Checker
  • SEMrush: Get domain and keyword analytics, marketing insights, SEO audits, etc. for your blog/website.
  • Open Link Profiler: Enter a domain and analyze the backlinks to the site.
  • Broken Links: Find broken links, redirects and other insights into all links on a website.
  • XML Sitemaps: Generate a sitemap for your website.
  • Keyword Hero:
  • Beam Us Up:
  • Link Redirect Trace:
  • Screaming Frog:
  • Seolyzer:

Free Cloud Storage

  • Google Drive: A file storage and management service and office suite that offers synchronization across devices.
  • Dropbox: A cloud storage/file-hosting service and management tool.
  • Arcane Office: Decentralized office suite and an alternative to Google Drive
  • Workona: Cloud storage management tool, a single tool to manage all your work on the web.

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