Ghost Blogging Platform Review: Pros & Cons Of Ghost Blogging Platform

Ghost Blogging Platform Review: So, at last, I got a Ghost blog for myself. I had always wanted to host a website on Ghost ever since I saw the beautiful blogs hosted on the platform. Ghost claims to be a simple, modern WordPress alternative. I do not agree with this, I do not regret having spent money on the blog either. I spent the last few days exploring the platform; hence, no posts. But now that I am back, why not start with an honest review of Ghost blogging platform?

So, in this article, I will give an honest Ghost Blogging Platform Review.

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Ghost Blogging Platform Review

The reason I said I do not agree with Ghost’s claim that it is a WordPress alternative is that WordPress is not just for blogging; it is more than that. WordPress, when it started, was indeed a blogging platform, but over the years, it has evolved remarkably. And now, it is not just a blogging platform; you can build an entire website on WordPress, from landing pages to fully-fledged e-commerce sites, you can create anything with WordPress.

Ghost, on the other hand, is solely for the purpose of online publications, be it a personal blog or magazine. However, this, I feel, shouldn’t be seen as a limitation of the platform. Because Ghost serves this particular purpose quite well.

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1. Simple Yet Elegant

The most noticeable thing about Ghost, i.e. the blogs hosted on it, is their design. These are extremely appealing to the eye due to their simple, clean, clutterless design and layout. There is no possibility of getting distracted, neither for the blogger nor for the readers.

2. Easy To Create Content

Ghost focuses mainly on content creation. True to its claim, it indeed powers blogs, magazines and journalists. You don’t have to worry about anything, just focus on creating content. The user interface, i.e. the editor is extremely user-friendly, with barely anything to distract you.

3. Built-in SEO

Ghost has built-in Search Engine Optimization features. From XML Sitemaps to Canonical Tags, Meta Data to AMP Pages, everything is in-built in Ghost. You don’t need any additional plugin.

4. Built-in Social Sharing

Social sharing options are in-built in Ghost. You don’t have to install any plugin for social sharing buttons.

5. Affordable

Many people won’t agree that Ghost is affordable. After all, their paid plans, Ghost (Pro) start at $29 per month. But we have to keep in mind that with $29 per month, you are basically getting Managed Hosting with a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

I agree that it is not the best option for beginners with budget constraints. But then again the Ghost software is open-source and can be downloaded for free to host your blog (self-hosting).

6. Incredibly Fast

Ghost blogs are faster than your usual blogs. This is probably due to the use of CDN.

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7. Free SSL

Ghost sites come with free SSL certificate.

8. Apps And Integrations

Ghost comes with the option to use various third-party services. There are more than 1000 third-party services that can be integrated with your Ghost site using Zapier. You can also connect various third-party apps and services by editing/customizing the theme or using the Ghost Public API.

These more or less cover the advantages of Ghost Blogging Platform. I will update this article after using the platform for some more time.

There are some disadvantages of the platform as well. These are as under:

  • Ghost is not the kind of platform to build a complete business website or e-commerce site.
  • It doesn’t support plugins to have custom features.
  • To have better control over your Ghost site, you need to have knowledge of coding.
  • There is a limited number of themes.
  • Ghost (Pro) is expensive for beginners.
  • Ghost does not provide free hosting service.

So, that’s my Ghost Blogging Platform Review. A more elaborate review will be published after I have spent some more time exploring the features of the platform.

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If you have any query, confusion or observation on this article on Ghost Blogging Platform Review, drop a comment below. I will respond at the earliest.

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