How To Start Guest Blogging: A Guide To Get Your Guest Blogs Published

How To Start Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging, as you know, plays a vital role in making your blog successful. It not only brings traffic but also help in getting backlinks which is very important for a new site to build credibility and authority. But most of the newbies have no idea how to start guest blogging.

So, in this article, I will write about this important aspect of blogging. I will tell you how to start guest blogging.

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How To Start Guest Blogging?

While getting backlinks can help in increasing domain authority, not every backlinks are useful. The linking site must be authoritative and trusted and be from the same niche as yours. Otherwise, it will do more harm than good. So, keep this in mind while sending guest blogs.

Also, keep in mind that getting your articles published in the top blogs is not going to be an easy task. You need to be extraordinarily good and must produce high-quality, unique content.

So, how to start guest blogging? Let’s see the steps involved in getting your guest blog published by the top websites.

1. Write Quality Articles… For Your Own Blog

This is the first step. Before you send your articles to any other website, you have to create quality content for your own blog. This is necessary because if they show interest in you and check your blog, they shouldn’t be disappointed. This will act as a portfolio for you.

2. Share Your Content On Social Media

As a beginner, it is extremely necessary for you and your content to be noticed. This is where being active on social media and sharing links to your content there is very important. Not just Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but other platforms as well, like Medium and Quora. People posting questions on Quora are genuinely looking for answers. So, answer to their queries. It will build your reputation. Sometimes, you can even link to a relevant article on your blog.

3. Follow And Interact With Influencers And Authoritative Bloggers

First, create a list of blogs and website which have a good name in the same niche as yours and are trusted. Follow them on a regular basis and stay updated with their content (which also means staying updated with the recent development in the industry). Follow the bloggers on social media and react to their posts. Also, drop comments once in a while. Make sure the comments are sensible. That way they will notice you. They might even visit your profile and click on the links to your blog that you shared (assuming that you have done point number 1 and 2 properly). Even if they don’t, at least, they will know about your existence.

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4. Write A Round-Up Post To Build Relationship

A round-up post is, basically, a post based on the responses to a question by experts in the field. So, create a list of the top bloggers and influencers in your niche, collect their email ID, and reach out to them. Make sure the question that you ask them is sensible and related to your niche. Do not expect everyone to respond but if you have been doing point number 3 for some time, you are likely to get some responses because they will recognize you when they see your name in their inbox. After you get their responses, write the round-up post and publish it. Promote it on social media. Also, share the link to the post with those who responded to your email.

5. Decide Your Guest Post Topics

We are talking about planning, not writing the article. Come up with a bunch of topics that you think would interest the experts you had included in your round-up post as well as the readers of their blogs. Basically, choose the topics based on whether or not the experts’ blogs will be benefited by them, which means their readers would like to read the articles. Have a clear idea in mind regarding what exactly you are going to include in the articles.

6. Reach Out To The Experts With Your Guest Blog Topics

The next step is to contact those experts, whose interview had helped you write the round-up post. Write a professional mail addressing them properly and present your ideas, the topics for your guest blogs to them. Give a brief introduction to your topic and mention how many words you are planning to write. Also, include your name, email address, link to your blog and Twitter handle in the signature.

7. Write The Post And Send It

Once your ideas are accepted, it is time to write the articles. Give your best shot and write each of the articles with utmost care. Do proper research before you write the articles. Make sure they add value to the website you are sending them to. You should also be aware of the guidelines that each of the websites have for guest blogs. You must stick to them.

Again, while sending the guest blog posts to the respective blogs, make sure you write a mail in a professional tone. Thank them for giving you the opportunity. Also, include the necessary images and an author bio as well.

8. Promote Your Guest Blog

After your guest blog is published, promote it on social media. The more people it reaches to, the better.

9. Keep Track Of The Blog Posts & Respond To Comments

Also, you must keep track of the traffic that a particular guest blog is generating. And do not forget to respond to the comments that readers drop on your guest blog. This way, you will build a good reputation.

Do not feel demotivated or discouraged if your ideas are not accepted. Ask for feedback. Do not lose hope. Try to improve as per the feedback provided and you will definitely get accepted the next time.

I hope I have been able to explain how to start guest blogging. If you have any confusion or question regarding how to start guest blogging, ask them below and I will respond at the earliest.

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