WordPress Free Vs Premium Themes: Which One To Choose For Your Blog?

WordPress Free Vs Premium Themes: The WordPress Theme Directory has thousands of free themes to choose from which makes it extremely difficult for self-hosted WordPress blog owners to choose the right theme. You might like a theme one day but next day you might come across another theme that looks more appealing and has many additional features, and you end up changing the theme of your blog. And this continues for quite some time, which impacts the blog negatively.

Design plays a very important role in the success of a website. So, it is important that you choose the theme wisely but weighing the pros and cons. You can read this article on how to choose the right WordPress theme for your site.

Having said that, if you have a self-hosted WordPress site, I would recommend you go for a premium theme, and that too a custom-made theme. Why? Read this article on WordPress Free Vs Premium Themes to find out.

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WordPress Free Vs Premium Themes: Why Premium Themes Are Better?

There is no denying the fact that there are good free WordPress themes and with most of the free themes available in WordPress Theme Directory, your site will seem to work just fine, until you delve into the technical aspects.

So, why take risks? Especially, when you are absolutely sure about becoming a serious blogger?

The reasons why WordPress Premium Themes are better than WordPress Free Themes are as under and I hope you get convinced about going for a WordPress Paid  Theme.

1. Free Themes Are Not Regularly Updated

You have installed and activated a free theme. You are absolutely happy with it. Now, you update WordPress to its latest version and you realize that the theme is not compatible with it. This can happen if you use a free theme. For the developers, free themes are not a priority and they do not update them frequently.

Premium themes are updated by the developers on a regular basis and are kept compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

2. Free Themes Provide Limited Support

Most of the free themes do not have enough documentation or tutorials to help you. Forums and communities are also not much active. And the developers do not provide any support. So, if you face any issue, you will  have to find out the solution yourself or look for another theme.

Paid themes, on the other hand, have great documentation. For some themes, there are great quality video tutorials as well. And you never have tow worry about support from the side of the developers. You have paid for the theme and they will be always there for you if you face any issue.

3. Free Themes Have Limited Features

Free themes have a very limited number of features which are not updated regularly. At the same time, they may include features which you do not need at all. You won’t face this sort of issues with a premium theme. Developers ensure you have the best experience. There are more features which can make your task easier. Also, with a customized theme, you can have exactly what you need.

4. Free Themes Are Not Extraordinary

The Internet is a competitive space and to make sure you stand out, you need to be unique in every possible way. The look and design of your site too needs to be unique and extraordinary. Free themes are used by thousands of other sites. Also, there is limited option to customize them. Premium themes, on the other hand, have more options to control their design.

5. Free Themes Might Have Security Issues

Not all free themes are well-coded. There may be unnecessary code which can slow down the site or give rise to some other issues. There can bugs because of which your site may become vulnerable to security threats.

6. Free Themes Include Encrypted Links In The Footer

Most of the developers include encrypted links in the footer of the free themes, which then drive traffic to and create backlinks for the website of the developer. This can have a negative impact on your site. This will not happen in case of paid themes.

So, you can see why you should go for a Premium WordPress Theme. For most of us, budget is an issue when we are starting our life as a blogger. So, you can always start with a Free WordPress Theme. But you must consider going for a premium theme in the future. This will be beneficial for your site in the longrun.

I hope this article on WordPress Free Vs Premium Themes help you and you now have a clear idea about why Premium Themes are better. If you have any question pertaining to WordPress Free Vs Premium Themes, ask them in the comment section below and I will try to respond at the earliest.

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