Svbtle Review 2019: Detailed Review, Pricing, Features

Svbtle Review 2019: I included Svbtle in my list of distraction-free blogging platforms. However, I did not explain its features in details. So, here is an honest Svbtle review from someone who has been using it for quite some time.

Svbtle Review 2019

Svbtle was launched in 2011 by Dennis Curtis. Initially, Svbtle membership was available only through an exclusive invite. There was a lot of buzz around this blogging platform when it was first launched. But the popularity of this blogging platform has dropped over the years.

However, when it comes to minimalist blogging platforms, people still recommend Svbtle and it finds a place among other popular ones like Medium. So, why is that? Let’s see…

Easy Sign Up

Signing up on Svbtle is extremely easy. All you have to do is enter your email ID, first and last names, a username (which will be the subdomain of your Svbtle blog), and a password. And yes, you have to choose a plan. Svbtle is a paid platform, you see. You can either choose to pay on a monthly basis ($6/month) or on a yearly basis ($70/yr). So, yes. You have to choose a plan and give your credit card details to sign up. This wasn’t the case until 2014.

You will get a 14-day trial period. The money will be deducted only if you do not cancel your subscription after the trial period gets over.

“Designed To Help You Think”

That’s what Svbtle claims. And it’s true to some extent.

When you log in to your Svbtle dashboard, you see basically two parts – Ideas and Published as shown in the image below:

Svbtle Dashboard

The Published section shows all your published articles. You can click on any one of them and edit them if necessary. The Ideas section shows your drafts, which are not published. The design is such that it prompts you to write even if you are not in the mood of publishing your articles.

So, if you have an idea, all you have to do is click on “New Idea” and start writing. You can also click on the “New Entry” option, start writing, and then save it, and it will appear in the Ideas section.

Distraction-Free, Minimalistic Editor

Svbtle has probably the most minimalistic editor possible.

When you click on “New Entry”, you land on a blank page that has a field to enter the title of the post and the space to write the post. There are no menus or any other features. If you want to format your post, you have to use Markdown, which is extremely easy.

Once you have written the post, you can save it or publish it. You can also customize the URL of the post and schedule a post to publish later.

The editor is absolutely no nonsense and helps to focus on just writing and nothing else. Also, it is so simple that anybody can just start using it without having any prior knowledge of the platform.

No Custom Design

There is no way to customize the design of Svbtle blogs. All Svbtle blogs look the same. There are no themes or options to change the layout. No widgets. No apps. All you can do is change your blog’s accent color and change/add the blog avatar (like a profile picture).

No Comments

Your readers won’t be able to comment on your blog posts. They can just hover over the “Kudos” option to like your post.

Limited Social Media Sharing Options

Svbtle comes with optional Facebook and Twitter sharing options. Apart from that, you cannot add any other social sharing buttons.

Svbtle Comes With A Promise

Svbtle promises that whatever you publish on the platform will remain online forever, unless, of course, you want to delete them. This feature of Svbtle makes it different and unique from all other blogging platforms.

Usually, when a blogging platform ceases to exist, your content too vanishes from the Internet. Svbtle promises that even if you cancel your subscription and stop paying, your content will remain online.

Large Storage & No Downtime

There is no limit to the number of posts you can publish on your Svbtle blog. That’s no big deal because the platform is mainly for writers. Also, there is no downtime on Svbtle. At least, I have never faced it, nor have I heard any one else complaining about it.

Other Features

Apart from these features, you can integrate Google Analytics with your Svbtle blog. Custom domain facility too is available.

Svbtle Review 2019: Final Verdict

Svbtle is not for everyone. It is only for those who want to write and just write without any distraction. If you are looking for a platform to build an entire website or a photo blog or even a blog to make money, for example, Svbtle is not for you. It is not for you if you want more flexibility and control in terms of the design and content of your blog.

Is $6 per month too much when it has so less to offer in terms of features and control? Depends… But we have to keep in mind that Svbtle comes with a promise – the promise to keep your content online forever. No other platform promises that.

For people who write with the sole purpose of writing, without any distraction, either for themselves or for others to read, I think it is a great platform.

So, I think it’s worth it. It serves my purpose when I want to write for myself!

I hope this article on Svbtle review helps you. If you have any query pertaining to this article on Svbtle review, feel free to comment below and I will respond at the earliest.

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