What Is WordPress Category? How To Create Categories In WordPress?

What Is WordPress Category: WordPress has the feature to group blog posts into different sections. These feature of WordPress, also called taxonomy, helps in organizing the content better, which, in turn, helps in easy accessibility of the posts. The two most popular predefined taxonomies in WordPress are Categories and Tags. You can read about WordPress Tags here. In this article, I will talk specifically about WordPress Category.

What Is WordPress Category?

WordPress Category is a predefined taxonomy in WordPress that allows you to sort and classify / categorize your posts making it easier for users to access the content they want.

Features Of WordPress Category

The different features of WordPress Categories are as under:

  1. WordPress Categories are hierarchical in nature. This means you can have parent categories and then child categories under them. To have a clarification about parent and child categories, the latter are sub-topics under the former.
  2. You can file a particular post into multiple categories.
  3. You can assign only WordPress Posts to categories. The feature is not available for WordPress Pages.
  4. Every post should be filed into at least one category. If you do not place your post under any category, it will be placed under the default category ‘Uncategorized’.
  5. You can file posts to the categories while writing the post, i. e. from the post editor itself. Or you can include bulk of posts at the same time under a particular category.
  6. You can edit existing categories.
  7. You can also delete categories that you have created. Default category cannot be deleted.
  8. Categories can be added to the sidebar or in the menu.
  9. Clicking on a particular category will show all the articles under it.

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How To Create Categories In WordPress?

There are two ways to add categories in WordPress:

  • 1. You can add new categories from the post editor. On the right side of the screen, you will see the Categories Meta Box. Initially, there will be just the default category, named Uncategorized. Below it, you will see the  option “+ Add New Category”. Click on it, write the Category Name and hit Enter.
    Once a new category is created, it will appear in the Category Meta Box. You can check the box on the side of the category name to file the post under that particular category.
  • 2. You can go to Posts >> Categories and add new Categories and Child Categories under them. Here, you can also add the slug or URL and description for the Category.
    From the right side of this screen, you can select a category and edit it. Just hover the mouse over the category you want to edit and the option to edit (and delete) it will appear below it.

I hope I have been able to explain everything about what is WordPress Category. If you have any question pertaining to what is WordPress Category, drop them below and I will get back to you.

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