Write.as Review 2019: A Minimalist Blogging Platform For Writers

Write.as Review 2019: The other day, I wrote a blog post on the top 5 anonymous blogging platforms for privacy concerned people. One of the platforms that I included in the list was Write.as. I think this platform deserves a detailed review. So, here it is- a detailed Write.as Review 2019.

Write.as Review 2019

So, I stumbled upon Write.as when I was searching for an extremely minimalist blogging platform mainly to curate my writings, the ones that I write not for traffic and visibility but for myself, a platform where I can be absolutely anonymous if I wish to and express myself… Basically, a platform that is private. At the same time, I didn’t want to spend much.

I came across many platforms about which I had no prior knowledge. I wasn’t surprised though. After all these platforms are for those who love their privacy. Marketing themselves too much would be going against the very idea they stand for.

Anyway, I came across Write.as, I realized it’s probably the most unique of all. But I will come to that later. Let us begin from the beginning.

History Of Write.as

The “About” page of Write.as says

We founded Write.as in 2015, which has since grown to hundreds of thousands of posts…

But I think it is run and managed by one single person, Matt Baer, the founder of Write.as. And he is doing an amazing job.

Matt, I feel, truly believes in the right to privacy. He says that back in 2014, he got super pissed off with the lack of privacy in the online world. The result – Write.as – a platform where one can publish anonymously.

The anonymity that the platform offers can be understood if you see the features of Write.as.

No Sign Up Required

One of the best things about Write.as is that you don’t need to sign up with your email ID to create a blog on the platform. No, I am not talking about random publishing on the Internet like Pen.io or txt.fyi offers (that’s there too if you are wondering). You can create a proper blog with the list of your posts in reverse chronological order without having to share your email ID.

All you have to do is enter a username and a passphrase to access it later. The platform doesn’t even log your IP address. And your blog, which, if you want, will be available to others at write.as/yourusername¬†or¬†yourusername.writeas.com.

Free & Paid Plans

The platform has both free and paid plans, and neither of them requires you to share your email ID. The paid plans (there are two paid plans, Casual and Pro) come with other amazing features which I will explain later in the post.

Custom Domain

Write.as supports custom domain. However, you have to go for a paid plan to connect your Write.as blog to the custom domain. The Casual plan comes at $1 per month. Can you believe that?

Free SSL

The paid plans, even the Casual one, come with free SSL certificate. Connect your custom domain and the SSL will be automatically activated for your site.

Private Blog

By default, all blogs are private, which means, unless and until you share the URL with others, nobody will come across it. Write.as blogs are not indexed unless you want it. With the Pro plan, you can even create password-protected blog.

Minimalist Design & Interface

Write.as has an extremely minimalist design and interface – no unnecessary features to distract you or your readers. To a reader, it looks like the content is printed on a plain piece of paper. The blank page is like a blank paper for the writer to write.

The Pro plan comes with the option to customize the CSS and Javascript.

Markdown Support

Write.as supports markdown, which is way cleaner and easier to learn than HTML. It also supports Mathjax


If you want to promote your Write.as blog, no worries, you can publish it to
fediverse as well as Read Write.as – a [platform to read posts by other Write.as users.

Android & iPhone Apps

Write.as has apps for both Android and iPhone, which means you can access your blog from anywhere.

No Ads. No Content Marketing.

The platform is totally ad free, even for free users. Also, content marketing on Write.as is a strict no.

Free Export

With Write.as, you have complete “data freedom”. You can export your content any time you want without having to pay anything for it.

Final Verdict

With all these amazing features, Write.as is a platform truly for writers, be it private journal writing or writing for an audience, anonymous or otherwise. It helps you stay focused, something that writers need. Unlike Svbtle and other similar platforms, it is not expensive.

But if you are a marketer, this platform is not for you.

I don’t regret going for its paid plan. Not at all.

I hope this article on Write.as Review helps you. If you have any question regarding this article on Write.as Review, feel free to drop your comment below and I will respond at the earliest.

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