Can I Use AdSense With Other Ad Networks? Can I Use Multiple Ad Networks On The Same Page?

One of the most frequently asked questions that I come across is whether or not one can show advertisements from multiple ad networks on the same page.  

For example, can I use AdSense with other ad networks?  

This is an extremely valid question considering the fact that all these ad networks come with tons of terms and conditions. A minor violation may result in cancellation of the account. So, this cynicism is extremely justified as one might end up missing a particular condition mentioned in the terms and conditions page.

So, to help you with this particular doubt – can you use ads from multiple networks on the same page – I am writing this article.  

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Can I Use AdSense With Other Ad Networks?  

AdSense is the most popular Ad Network which is owned and managed by Google. They are quite strict with their reviewing procedure and getting approved itself is a big deal.  

Clearly, one wouldn\’t want their account to be cancelled after being approved just because of a minor violation in the Google AdSense terms and conditions.

It is, therefore, extremely important that you read the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions carefully before applying for it. Also, you must ensure you do not violate any of the conditions set by them.  

Now, coming to the question whether or not you can show AdSense ads along with ads from other networks on the same page of your website, the answer is yes.

You can place AdSense ads, ads from other ad networks, and even affiliate links on the same web page.

However, there are certain important things to note:

Important Points To Note About Placing Ads From Multiple Networks On Same Page

If you want to place ads from multiple ad programs on the same page, you should remember the following:

  • AdSense considers affiliate ads as well as advertisements from other ad networks as part of the content. Still, there shouldn\’t be more ads (AdSense ads and ads from other networks) than the original content on any given page. Limit the total number of ads that you show on any page. Just because you can show ads from multiple ad networks on a page doesn\’t mean you should show as many ads as possible. The quality of the content and user experience shouldn\’t be compromised at any cost.
  • Your ads and affiliate links shouldn\’t point to any content, like adult content, that violates AdSense policies.
  • Non-Google ads or third-party ads shouldn\’t have the same colour and formatting as AdSense ads. That is, there should be visible differences between the two. You should make it clear that the third party ads have no association with Google. So, in case of any similarity, you should ask the third-party ad network to change the colour scheme and formatting.

So, now you know whether or not you can place ads from multiple networks and affiliate ads on the same page. You should also read other guidelines and requirements as mentioned on the official page.

Mastering the art of placing and managing AdSense or any other third-party ads on your website can help you a lot in affiliate marketing as well. And affiliate marketing, if done properly, can help you earn far higher than displaying advertisements. More on this later.

Hope this article helps you…

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