How To Choose A Web Hosting Service For Your WordPress Site?

How To Choose A Web Hosting Service: Planning to start your self-hosted WordPress site but don’t know which web hosting provider to go for? Well, this is something that most of us go through at the start of our life as a blogger. At this stage, we do not have the necessary technical and other knowledge to make a good decision.

We consider the price, which is definitely one of the aspects to consider. But choosing the right web hosting provider needs one to consider multiple features of the web hosting provider and the particular plan apart from the price of the service.

In this article, I will talk about how to choose a web hosting service for your WordPress site.

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How To Choose A Web Hosting Service For Your WordPress Site?

Now, with the wide range of web hosting providers in the market, each claiming to be the best, it is natural to get confused. It is, therefore, important that we spend some time to understand the various features expected in a good web hosting provider.

Also, you must have a clear understanding of your requirement – what exactly you are looking for your site. A business website will have an entirely different set of requirements than a personal blog. From specific software, scripts, to the amount of traffic you are expecting to your site, everything must be considered.

Anyway, let us now see how to choose a web hosting service for your WordPress site – things to consider before buying the web hosting service:

1. Disk Space

A web hosting service is basically a service wherein you are provided with the servers and necessary technologies to host your site. All the content of your site will be stored in the storage facilities of the service provider. So, depending upon the type of content your website will have, you have to decide how much disk space you need. For example, if your site has a lot of video, audio, and high-quality image files, you will need more disk space. To give you an idea, shared hosting services usually provide 10 to 100 GB disk space which can store thousands of images.

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2. Uptime Scores

Your site needs to be up all 24 x 7. For this, you need to choose a web hosting service that is stable and reliable in terms of their servers, network connections, and their overall system. Most of the web hosting providers these days claim 99.9 percent uptime. However, it is still good to check the reviews of the web hosting providers from multiple sources before you make a decision.

3. Customer Support

Facing various types of technical and other issues is inevitable when you are running a website. Even the simplest site can face certain issues which you might not be in a position to address and resolve. It is, therefore, important that your web hosting provider has a reputable customer support system, preferably for 24 hours. They should be available for you through phone, chat, email or through social media, always ready to help you.

4. Option To Upgrade Servers

If you are a beginner and have budget constraints, I would recommend you go for Shared Hosting plans which are pretty powerful these days. They can even handle up to 50,000 unique visitors a month. However, you must keep in mind the potential of your site. If you are planning to expand, your web hosting provider should have the option to upgrade your servers later on, as per your needs. This, however, is not an issue these days as most of the web hosting service providers provide this option.

5. Option To Add More Domains

Bloggers own a number of domains. I check for availability of various domain names every now and then, and if I come across something that is really good, I purchase it as they are usually cheap. Basically, I keep my options open to create and run multiple websites, on the same as well as entirely different niche. I wouldn’t be doing it if I had to purchase a hosting service every time I launched a site. This would be highly expensive. But my web hosting provider, Hostinger, allows me to add an unlimited number of domains from the same account. This is something that you should consider before choosing the web hosting provider and plan.

6. Price Of Web Hosting

There are web hosting services that are available for a few dollars per month and there are those which charge more than a thousand dollars every month. You have to choose the one that fits in your budget. Most of the web hosting providers have plans with a very low sign-up price but the renewal price is extremely high. So, check all these aspects before you go for a particular web hosting provider. Also, check the refund policy and trial period of the service providers so that you do not lose out much in case something goes wrong.

7. User-Friendly Control Panel

You manage your site with the control panel that your web hosting service provides. It needs to be easy to use. If it is too complicated, you will have to contact the support team of the service provider every now and then. The control panel should provide you with the option to install various applications with just a few clicks. For example, installing WordPress on your own is not an easy task. So, your web hosting provider should have a one-click WordPress installation option in the control panel.

These are the basic things you should consider before choosing a web hosting provider for your WordPress site. Also, a basic knowledge of different types of hosting, Shared Hosting, Managed Hosting, VPS Hosting, etc. will help a lot in understanding what exactly will suit your needs. So, do your research before selecting your web hosting provider.

I hope I have been able to explain how to choose a web hosting service. If you have any query regarding how to choose a web hosting service, ask in the comment section below and I will answer at the earliest.

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