Social Media Optimization Techniques: Top 8 Tips For SMO

Social Media Optimization Techniques: We all know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means. It entails a wide range of on-page and off-page activities and practices which help search engines identify the relevancy of the page in question and rank it accordingly. This, in turn, generates organic or free traffic from search.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the practice of implementing a wide variety of techniques and strategies to make your content viral on social media and generate social media traffic in the process. It also serves the purpose of creating awareness of the site and whatever it has to offer, product, services or anything else.

SMO also means optimizing your social media profiles and posts so that they appear when people search for a particular keyword through the search option in social media sites.

In a broader sense, SMO includes all other activities on social media that helps the business to grow. For example, automating various aspects of social media, like scheduling post or responding to queries, and online reputation management also come under Social Media Optimization.

With the advent of social media, Social Media Optimization has become increasingly important for businesses of all kinds. SMO also helps in increasing the ranking of the pages in question in the SERP.

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Social Media Optimization Techniques: Why Is SMO Important?

As mentioned above, SMO serves many purposes:

  • Social Media Optimization helps in creating brand awareness and viral publicity,
  • It helps in introducing products and services to the target audience,
  • SMO generates social media traffic,
  • It helps in building relationship with your target audience/customers/prospective customers,
  • SMO also helps in building your reputation.

Social Media Optimization Techniques: Top Tips For Social Media Optimization

Some of the top tips for social media optimization are as under:

1. Create Quality Content That Has The Potential To Go Viral

Like it or not, social media is a lot about exhibition and showing off. People will notice, react and interact with your content only when it is of high-quality and interesting. So, keep that in mind while creating content. Visually appealing and interactive content has more chance of getting likes and shares.

2. Provide Complete Information

Fill up all the fields and provide complete information about yourself/your business. Be it the name, links to the sites, bio, etc. every field should be filled. This will build trust as your profile will look more professional. Search engines too are likely to pick up profiles that have all the necessary information.

3. Maintain A Consistent Identity

If your site has a certain identity, align your social media profiles to that. For example, use a branded featured image or cover image. Include your logo. Use same brand colors in your images. That way people will find it easier to remember.

4. Keep Keywords In Mind While Optimizing Your Profile & Content For Social Media

Let’s take Facebook’s search feature to elaborate.

When you log in to your Facebook account, you see the search option on the top left corner. Although many of us use it to search for only people and pages, it can be used for searching other things as well.

Optimizing your profile and posts, like by placing the relevant keywords in the profile and social media copies, so that your profile appears on the search result is very important. Things like length of the post or use of the relevant hashtags too are important.

5. Keep Social Sharing Options In Your Blog Posts

This will make it easier for people to share them on social media. In fact, these will prompt people to share the posts. For WordPress site, all you have to do is install a social sharing plugin.

6. Design Your Website Properly

The way your website looks and the ease with which people can navigate through your website can impact people’s behavior and the way they interact with your social media profiles. So, design your website keeping that in mind.

7. Be Active On Social Media

Be active in the truest sense of the word. Social media presence doesn’t end with publishing posts. You have to keep track of how people are reacting to them. You also have to respond to their queries and feedback received in the comments and inbox.

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8. Automate Various Activities

Be it running a small blog or a big business, a lot of activities are involved. Sometimes, in the busy schedule of the day, you may forget doing something. But then again, even the smallest things can have a huge impact and shouldn’t be ignored. So, automate stuffs wherever possible, like scheduling of posts and responding to messages when you are not around.

So, these are the most important tips for social media optimization. Implement these Social Media Optimization Techniques properly and you will definitely see the results.

I hope this article on Social Media Optimization Techniques helps you. If you have any question regarding Social Media Optimization Techniques, feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will respond at the earliest.

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