Notepin Review: A Minimalist Note-Taking App With Blog Features

Notepin Review 2019: Launched in 2017, is a web-based note-taking app. I stumbled upon it when I was searching for an anonymous blogging platform. The platform looked interesting and I decided to explore it properly.

Quoting Osman Ahmed, the creator of Notepin, it “is a note-taking platform which comes with the optional ability to transform your notebook into a public blog.”

So, what is that supposed to mean? Read this review of to find out.

Notepin Review 2019

Most of the web-based note-taking apps come with certain complexities, like:

  1. They require one to sign up using their email ID,
  2. The ones that do not require signing up generate random URLs making it difficult to remember, and hence, are likely to be forgotten by the users.

Notepin attempts at removing these disadvantages.

To understand, let’s look at the features of

No Sign Up Required

To use Notepin, one doesn’t require to sign up using their email ID or any other option. No sign-up, no email verification. You can simply start writing anonymously by clicking the option that says “Or write anonymously”.

Unique URL

If you want, you can have a unique URL for your notebook which will be available at You can manage it from You can set up a password (no signup required even in this case) and access it from any device. Each of the entries would pick up the title as the URL making it easier to remember.

Distraction-Free, Minimalist Writing Environment

There aren’t many features in Notepin. This means you can just focus on your writing. There are, of course, the basic formatting options, H1, bold, italicized, underline, blockquotes, and strikethroughs. You can also create tables.

Likes & Social Sharing

Right now, there is this option to share your notes only on Twitter. Also, there is this option for others to like your notes which you can enable or disable for individual notes.


Although there are two paid plans of Notepin, all the above-mentioned features are available for free. The paid plans come with additional features, some of them are very unique.

Features Of Paid Plans

As mentioned above, Notepin has two paid plans:

  1. Pro, which available at $11 per year,
  2. Pro with Blogging Platform, available at $19 per year.

Features Of Notepin Pro

Notepin Pro comes with the following features:

  1. The free plan comes with only one theme. With Pro, you can have seven themes. The themes are not that remarkable but then again it is a minimalist platform. So, I think it’s fine.
  2. With the free plan, you cannot add images to your notes. With Pro, you can.
  3. The Pro plan also comes with the night mode feature, i.e. you can turn the screen dark.
  4. You can also import your content from your notebook with the Pro plan. You can save your content in case Notepin.
  5. With the Pro plan, you can also have ambient sound to help you focus on writing.
  6. It also comes with speed read and text-to-speech features.

Pretty cool, right? Let’s now look into the features of Pro with Blogging Platform plan.

Features Of Notepin Pro With Blogging Platform

With $19 a year, you will get all the features of the Pro plan plus the following:

  1. With this plan, you can connect a custom domain to your notebook.
  2. Since this plan is especially to create a fully-fledged blog, you can integrate Google Analytics to it.
  3. Some basic SEO features are available with this plan.
  4. You can even create private notes with this plan.
  5. This plan also allows you to import content from Ghost.

Notepin Review: Final Verdict

Even for $19 a year, I think is worth it. It comes with so many features and yet is minimalist in its own way. It is especially a good platform if you are looking for a place to dump your thoughts or to create a text-based blog.

However, if you are looking for a platform with flashy features, this isn’t the right option for you. For easy note-taking and not losing them too, it is a great app.

Overall, I feel it’s good.

I hope this article on Notepin Review helps you. If you have any question regarding Review, feel free to drop a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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