Top 10 Tips To Improve Readability Of Blog Posts And Rank Higher

10 Top Tips To Improve readability Of Blog Posts: Did you know that the readability of your blog posts too is a ranking factor?

Wikipedia defines Readability as ‘the ease with which a reader can understand a written text. This is especially important when it comes to online content.

It is a known fact that users, usually, scan through the content and do not read everything thoroughly. A study by Nielson Norman Group, users on an average read just 20 to 28 percent of words in your site.

As depressing and demotivating may it sound, but if you think deeply, you will realize that this actually make the task of creating online content more challenging and so, fun.

You have to write it in a manner that ensures users get the gist of what you are trying to convey and more importantly, what information they are seeking, from whatever they scan through. And you have to ensure they find it easier to do so. Because as it is, they do not read the whole content. And if the content is too difficult, they will just hit the back button and leave your site.

So, yes. Readability is very important. If users find a particular blog post easy to read and understand, Google will rank it higher (of course, other parameters matter too).

In this article, I will give you the 10 top tips to improve readability of blog posts. Read on.

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Top Tips To Improve Readability Of Blog Posts

The following are some of the essential tips to improve readability of your blog:

1. Use The Right Font Of The Right Size

Before anything else comes the look of your content. And that’s where the font of your blog plays a big role.

If the font that your blog uses is not easy to read, if users have to put effort because the font style and font size is not pleasing to the eye, they will just hit the back button without even trying to read your post.

So, use a font that is appealing to the eye. Also, make sure the font size is right. Sans Serif fonts are easier to read as they don’t have tails to stylize them.

2. Use Lots Of Images

Another way to improve the look of your page and improve the readability of your blog posts is to include images in between blocks of texts.

Images not only break the monotony that texts bring, they also make it easier for readers to process the information. So, try to use infographics and other interactive images in your blog posts.

3. Write Small Sentences

Long sentences usually conveys more than one message. This makes it difficult for readers to process and understand them. So, write short sentences. In fact, try not to exceed 60 characters.

4. Write Short Paragraphs

Small sentences alone won’t help if you end up writing long paragraphs. Lack of enough white space or blank space makes it monotonous and difficult to read.

Just remember that a text-heavy page scares the readers.

I mean why would they read blocks of texts to find out what they are looking for when it is available in a more concise manner in some other blog? They will just hit the back button.

5. Use Lists

Use both ordered and unordered lists. Lists are easier to read and process. Many websites are popular because they tend to convey everything in the form of lists. is one of them.

6. Use Headings And Subheadings At The Appropriate Places

This is another method to improve the readability of your blog posts. Instead of writing long blocks of texts, break them into parts and include headings and subheadings wherever possible.

That way, while scanning the page, users can easily understand which particular section, if any, talks about what they are looking for.

7. Use Transition Words

These words links paragraphs, sentences or other sections of text.

Using these words or phrases clarifies the relationship between sections and thus, makes it easier for the readers to understand. So, therefore, further, finally, as a result, etc. are examples of transition words and phrases.

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8. Use Simple Words

If you want to showcase your strong vocabulary, then blogging is not for you, especially if you want your blog to rank. People don’t use complex words in their day to day life in general. And they tend to use the simple words in search engines as well.

Moreover, difficult, uncommon words, technical jargons are not understood by most of the people. So, use of such words is neither an SEO-friendly practice nor make the article readable.

9. Write For Your Readers

This is the most important one. If you want to improve the readability of your blog, think from the readers’ perspective, the way they think, their language, their exact needs, and the information they are seeking. And write sincerely.

10. Use Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin makes it easier for you to enhance readability of blog. It tells you exactly where exactly, in which aspect of readability you need to improve. Like it tells you if you have used the right amount of transition words or if you have written too long paragraphs.

Check out the screenshot below:


Yoast SEO is also the ultimate tool for on-page SEO.

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I hope you like this post on top tips to improve readability of blog posts. Feel free to share the post. And if you have any query regrading the top tips to improve readability of blog posts, drop your comments below. I will get back to you as early as possible.

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